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Last updated: 23 May 2024
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In 1958 an entrepreneurial chemist identified a need to offer a medicine price to fellow pharmacists and the Pharmaceutical Bluebook was launched. An ever-increasing supply of medicines with regularly changing prices ensured that the pharmaceutical and medical industry soon relied heavily on this publication and its relevance has remained ever since. Over the many years, the Pharmaceutical Bluebook cc has become renowned for supplying the industry with independent and accurate price lists. Publication of the Blue and Green Books became the central activity of Pharmaceutical Bluebook cc.


The Blue (ethical) and Green (patent) books, now amalgamated on this site, contain the most complete reference list of ethical and patent products in South Africa.

In keeping with the need for greater speed of communication, an electronic database has been developed which can be subscribed to on this site. Through our long established contacts with the pharmaceutical manufacturers, pricing updates are received throughout the day and these are data captured, collated and applied to the database on this site. These include:

  • New or discontinued products
  • Product packaging and sizes
  • Product schedules
  • Manufacturers
  • Packing changes and presentation
  • Price changes both wholesale and recommended retail
  • NAPPI codes and 13 digit barcodes (EAN 13)

When compared to the printed version of the Pharmaceutical Bluebook subscribers of the on-line version gain the following important benefits:

A searchable database of information makes finding specific drugs as easy as 2 or 3 mouse clicks. Search criteria such as manufacturer name, description or NAPPI code, enhance the flexibility and speed of information retrieval.
The on-line database is updated as soon as changes are received from the pharmaceutical manufacturers, who supply the information directly to Pharmaceutical Bluebook cc. In this way the database is kept up to date on a daily basis reducing the possibility of medical aid rejections through incorrect pricing.