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Last updated: 23 May 2024
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What is the Pharmaceutical Bluebook?

In 1958, an entrepreneurial chemist identified the need to provide a reliable pharmaceutical price guideline for fellow pharmacists. The Pharmaceutical Bluebook was born.

Over 40 years later, the Pharmaceutical Bluebook has become a publication renowned for its accurate and up-to-date information. It remains the single most trusted pharmaceutical product data and price reference for members of the medical and pharmaceutical profession.

Who will use the Pharmaceutical Bluebook on-line?
On-line registration for doctors, pharmacists and medical aids is both simple and cost-effective. Multiple registrations per practice or pharmacy groups are also available. Existing subscribers to the traditional Pharmaceutical Bluebook have been requesting the on-line version and are now expected to upgrade.

Furthermore, compared to the printed version of the Pharmaceutical Bluebook, subscribers of the on-line version will gain useful benefits that include:

  • easier search facilities using specific and generic search criteria;
  • a database that's updated daily to reduce the possibility of medical aid rejections or loss of income through incorrect pricing;
  • the PriceFile¬™ - a downloadable file for existing database packages that saves time and alleviates any inconvenience if subscribers are not able to connect to the Internet.

What kind of advertising can you place?

Several different options are available to suit the varying needs of our advertisers.

Banner and Button Ads
A banner ad is a long, horizontal strip advert while a button is square in shape. They are both subject to specific proportions, which are standard on web sites, and are available for placement on various pages of the site.

Dimensions: 450 X 100 pixels
Resolution: 72 dpi
File format: gif, animated gif or jpeg
File size: Maximum of 30Kb

Dimensions: 230 X 115 pixels
Resolution: 72 dpi
File format: gif, animated gif or jpeg
File size: Maximum of 15Kb

Product Page Ads
After requesting a search, users are presented with a full Search Results page that lists all possible products that match the search criteria. Each product listed has a link to a specific Product Information page. Product Page Ads can be placed on these pages and allow the advertiser to display a detail ad, provide additional information (pack inserts) and contact information, or a link to a web site.

In addition to banner and button campaigns, you can secure excellent exposure through sponsorships of specific sections of the site. Combined advertorial and banner packages, can be negotiated.

What are the rates?


Open Home Page
Banner R 1000
Buttons R 350

Log-on screen
Banner R 350

Subscribe screen
Banner R 350

Closed Home page
Banner R 750
Buttons R 400

Search Entry screen
Banner R 500

Search Result pages
Banner R 400

Product pages
Negotiable depending on quantity.

To advertise on the Pharmaceutical Bluebook site, please contact the advertising co-ordinator, Leslie Broadfoot.

Remember to ask about the sponsorships and combined banner and advertorial packages.

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